[Chapter 3] The Battle Field is Ready #Part 2

Hana surely run to everywhere like a crazy. The class would be begun soon and she did not know where her chair and table. After searching into some room like cooking laboratory, storeroom, canteen, and somewhere more hidden, she did not find her chair. Just where the girls hid them? It was a thing that cannot be easily hid since the size was rather big.

In the way to the ground floor, Hana saw her chair in the middle of the backyard through the glass of the first floor. From all of the hidden places the chair could be stored; backyard was a less-funny place. However, it took so long for her to search it because she did not think that it would be in that open place.

Hana run to the backyard and when she finally smiled to run toward the chair, someone came and stopped her steps. It was a boy that was not in her class or she had not met before. Besides, the boy brought something she was afraid of. It was a snake. May be not only one but…

There were one (in the top of his hair), two (in his right neck), three (in his left neck), four (in his left arm), five and six (in his right arm), seven, eight, nine, and ten (in his finger, because they are small). It was totally crazy that the boy brought so many snakes in his body. Was him the successor of Medusa in this era?

Seeing those many snakes, Hana’s face was so pale. She stepped back and almost fainted, but if she fainted here, she would be surrounded by those snakes and certainly it would be extremely terrible. What should she do?

“You’re Takeuchi Hana?” said him coldly.

Hana could not avoid her anxiety after seeing those snakes. Of course it did not like the boy was frightening, but the snakes, the problem of her fear was those snakes.

“Don’t come closer.” said Hana in fear.

“Eh? I can’t hear you!” said that boy without expression. “Hey, before you became a dead meat. Do you want to play with my beloved snakes?”

Hana stepped back again and again. She was truly in fear.

“No—Don’t come any closer!” said her to give an ultimatum again.

“But, Chika-chan and Rio-kun want to play with you, Takeuchi-san.” That boy cherished his snake in his fingers.

Hana’s body began to shake. She fell down and it caused herself more fear. Besides, that boy came closer to her, made her more fearful.

“Please, please.” Hana was so afraid of that snakes. If it was not snakes and not that many, she would bravely fight that weak boy. However, in this state, she surely had to fight her fear first before fight that boy.

“Takeuchi-san?” The boy came closer and closer. It seems that there was no way for Hana except run. Hana turned round and tried to run, but the boy followed her from behind like a crazy and instantly, he was in front of her. It will be less than 30 centimeters near those snakes if she continued to run. Luckily, she could stop her steps before that happened.

“Woah!” yelled her.

“Where are you go, Takeuchi-san? Our game is going to begin. Don’t run, please.” He smiled. However, it’s more similar to grin for a certain success. “Shall we begin now?”

“No. Please don’t come closer to me.” Hana stepped back again and again.

“So, Rio-kun. Please play with her.” That boy cherished one of his snakes and that snakes launched to Hana’s body.

“No! No!” Hana tried to get rid of that thing, but the snake moved so swiftly to her neck.

Now, certainly, Hana looked double pale. That snake surely will bite her, or even ate half of her neck, although it seemed impossible.


When Hana opened her eyes, someone was standing next to her. It was Mami! She had thrown away that snake to the ground loudly. Hana guessed that that snake was in critical position. It’s surely dead in no matter time.

“Mami?” said Hana softly. Seemed, that snake gave her deep impact in her heart. She almost could not breathe seconds ago.

“Don’t worry. That snake-man troubling me so much, so I just want to get rid of him.” said Mami.

That boy seemed speechless. He looked at his snake pitifully.

“Oh no. Rio-kun?” murmured him. He turned to Mami madly. “How dare you do that to my beloved friend?!”

Mami laughed at it like she already won this battle.

“Eh, friend? Is it just snake, isn’t it? How pitiful you’re!” replied Mami by laughing.

“I can’t forgive you!”

He sent many more snakes. Hana wanted to run away, but Mami would be troubled herself. Hana surely would try to fight back, but those snakes made her afraid. However, she could not be a coward in this school. She was the one who declared war, so she should be standing in the frontline of the troops, although in the reality, she did not have even a single troop to fight the entire members of the school. Actually, in this case, she was the one who should be called pitiful.

In few minutes later, those snakes are in dead condition. Mami just avoided those snakes climbing up her body and let them feel the power of her strong foot. Seeing Mami’s actions, that boy was like a dead meat. He could not easily be calm when his snakes were killed one by one.

“Oh no! Chika-chan, Tama-kun, Gin-san, Stella-chan—Why are you dead?” That boy was crying. Dunno why, Hana’s courage somehow back in a second after seeing that boy felt lost. She did not tremble anymore although there were some snakes still alive.

“I will not forgive you! I won’t!” Because of his own anger, that boy run so fast to Mami and tried to kick her, but she avoided it so easily like a piece of cake. In the next movement, Mami hit that boy’s nape and caused him faint in the next second.

“Mami?” Hana tried to walk toward Mami. She surely trembled a little, but she was completely better than before Mami’s coming.

“Hana, I don’t suppose that you’ll tremble so much because of little snakes.” said Mami. She showed an unexpected face to Hana. It was not worried expression nor happy one. Hana thought that it was a complicated expression that maybe near to word disappointed. “You cannot survive in this school by being a neutral if you’re afraid of snakes.”

Hana felt guilty. For her now, Mami looked so superior, so strong, and so high-and-mighty. Maybe that girl would eat her own words about took Hana and Karin as her friends after seeing Hana’s terrible weakness. However, Hana still wanted to be Mami’s friend no matter what.

“I’m sorry. I show you my pitifulness.” Hana bowed.

Mami walked toward Hana and hug her. She slapped Hana’s back slowly. Hana felt so surprise.

“You’re surely afraid of those snakes but don’t be afraid again now. I’ll be your friends and protect you from your weakness, so please be my friend. I need a person like you in my side, Hana.”

Hana felt so relieved that Mami would forgive her weakness. Besides, she offered Hana to be her friend after saving her life. No way that Hana would decline that offer. Although Karin was angry with her later, she would defend her own decision. Hana would surely become Mami’s friends.

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