My Diary – May 1st, 2013

Long time no write. I felt so tired because of the limit of time I have to spend in front of my computer. Besides, I got many tasks from my lecturer and it drives me crazy. I’m in the near the end semester of my undergraduate program, so if I’m not serious, I’ll be a dead meat.

I’ll follow another karaoke competition in 4th May and I’ll sing Ayumi Hamasaki’s song: Marionette. I’ll act as a doll like the original live version. Although it will be a little bit plagiarism, I’ll make my stage completely be mine this Saturday. I’ll do rehearsal and training this whole week, hope I can keep up my lyric memorization and the technique of course. It seems that many of my friends will come to see me and cheer for me. I hope I can give my best for them and for all the listener. Winning is the best I can reach, but the most important not it, I want to get as much experience in live performance. I want to be braver in front of people and I want to improve my live singing ability. The prize is good, but the experience I will get then is more more precious…

Anyway, this week I can’t stop myself in watching anime. Yeah, I get the video file from a netcafe for free, so when I decide to watch it, I became addicted and cannot stop. Yeah, it seems the otaku blood inside me awakened again like in my school’s days. It’s not bad actually, but it’ll trouble me in doing my many-many tasks . lol.

Wish you all the best days for this week. And I hope that I’ll be lucky this Saturday πŸ˜€


2 responses to “My Diary – May 1st, 2013

    • that’s the most important thing that should be acquire from the competitions I followed this far. I experienced that being lost is completely hurt, but I learn something that when our will is not to gain the prize but to give the best for every stage, the juries, the viewer, and whatever it is will see our performance differently.

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