My Diary – June 28th, 2013

It’s the last day for my hectic test~ OMG, I wanna be in my holiday soon, although I’m not sure I can~ I must attend my teaching practice in a junior high until September and I don’t think I’ll get a rest for a whole year since the lebaran holiday will also be used to do campus activity in the social environment. But, I think that I’ll get a little bit rest in my seventh semester. I’ll propose my thesis and do it in the same semester at least at the eight semester I’ll finish it. I hope I’ll graduate in the ninth semester, so I can look for a job while search for post-graduate scholarship in overseas~

By the way, I have a new hobby recently. It’s cosplay. Well, I’m not debut yet, but I’ll make my debut on November this year, I’ll prepare it well since it needs more money than I usually need for my other hobbies ^_^

Well, I’ll work part-time again in the early July and I hope I get writing job not teaching job again, because I need to stay in front of my computer in doing my thesis, teaching seems taking my time so much. I hope I’ll manage it soon.

Have a nice weekend all ^o^


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