My Videos

Cover Video

Blue Bird-Ikimonogakari (acapella ballad cover)

Namidairo-YUI (cover)

Mikazuki-Ayaka (cover)

I Remember You-YUI (acoustic ver. cover)

Taiyou no Uta-Sawajiri Erika (cover)

it’s all too much-YUI (acoustic ver. cover)

Everlasting-BoA (live cover in KPOP Fest 2010)

I think I-Byul (live cover in KPOP Fest 2010-Final round)

Yuki no Hana-Nakashima Mika (karaoke cover)

Lucky-Fukui Mai (cover)

Stay with me-Koda Kumi (acapella ver. cover)

Yuki no Hana-Nakashima Mika (acapella ver. cover)

Yuki no Hana-Nakashima Mika (live cover)

Goodbye Days-YUI (karaoke cover)

Please don’t go-Onew and Jonghyun Shinee (acapella ver. cover)

Hitomi wo Tojite-Ken Hirai (karaoke cover)

Tomorrow’s Way-YUI (karaoke cover)

First Love-Utada Hikaru (karaoke cover with orgel instrumental)

Kansha-RSP (cover)

Together When-Ayumi Hamasaki (karaoke cover)

Falco-Hitomi Shimatani (karaoke cover)

Kimi Monogatari-Little by Little (cover)

Kimagure Romantic-Ikimonogakari (cover)

This one~Crying Like a Child-Utada (karaoke cover)

This is me-Demi Lovato (acoustic ver. cover)

Prayer-Jung Il Won (cover audio only)

First Love-Utada Hikaru (Live Cover)

Understand-YUI (karaoke cover)

What Should I do-Park Shin Hye (karaoke cover)

Kaeritaku Natta Yo-Ikimono gakari (karaoke cover)

Lonely-2NE1 (cover for MBC Star Audition 2011)

Please stay with me-YUI (cover)

Only Hope-Mandy Moore (karaoke cover)

Dreaming-Kim Soo Hyun (acapella ver. cover for MBC Star Audition 2011)

Rolling Star-YUI (cover)

Goose’s Dream-Insooni (karaoke cover)

Motherland-Chrystal Kay (cover audio only)

Maybe-Sunye (cover audio only)

tonight-YUI (cover audio only)

ai wo tomenaide-Koda Kumi (cover audio only)

A Miracle for You-Nakashima Mika (special cover)

Heavy Rotation-AKB48 (cover for KaraOK Compe The Japan Foundation Indonesia)

Itsuka hanareru higa kitemo-Ken Hirai (shot ver. cover audio only)

Amrita-Yui makino (cover audio only)

Together When-Ayumi Hamasaki (live cover in Jogja Japan Week 2012)

Winter Bell-Koda Kumi (live cover in Mangafest UGM 2012)

Truth-Arashi (cover audio only)

My Everything-Lee Min Hoo (special cover audio only)


Original Video

I’ll Wait You (original)

Love in School (lipsinc)

Tears of Cherry Blossoms (original)

Mimosa Pudica Educative Video in Indonesian (I’m the host :D)

Go! Go! Go! (original)

Sakura (original)

Miss You (original)

Goodbye Song (original)



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